Mission Accomplished

imageHey Y’all. How you doing this fine and gorgeous afternoon. I am surviving and blessed for sure. It has turned out to beautiful spring day for this Easter Sunday. One for the record books and photo albums. I just wish I wasn’t so tired, like a lazy dog on a rainy day, to go out and enjoy it. Cause I sure would be picturing it up and be on my little  adventure. I was so heartbroken yesterday, because I am now without a vehicle and couldn’t  go home and be with my family for the holidays…which sucked. But, I had to look at myself in that big ole self reflexive item on the wall….I think you call it a mirror, but I tend to call it my harshest critic and say ” Chryssé, stop right there before you even start your wine fest….. You have been without a car before and you can do it again…and err now n’gin it is okay to stop and smell the flowers as God intended for you to do. He has bigger and better plans on the horizon for you. And, I promise it won’t kill you, it will only make you stronger and cut back on that gym membership you have been paying and not utilizing. And, at that moment I had the idea sold to myself. Mission accomplished.

So, I started my day chaos free and if you had read my first post, I made it to church on time, In fact I made it early and didn’t arrive in a broken heal. I think I did really good. I guess in my prechaotic planning I didn’t figure I was wearing flip flops, so I wudn’t get stuck in the railroad tracks. So the morn went off with out a hitch. Mission accomplished.

Like I said it was a beautiful day outside. But, let me tell you New Life was heating it up past one hundred today. That service was right on point and so was the pastor. Kudos, Pastor Hutichson, you really brought the flame of the Bayou to our congregation today and it was a blessing.  Now, most of you don’t want hear the religious coming and going of an ordinary girl of the south. But, that is okay. I expect to have my critics but then I know for ever ten critics, there is that one person who may need or want to hear what I have to say and for just that one I will continue typing on. Happily, I may add. Because, let me tell you it was this time last year that I wished one person would had cared to reach out to me and told me of blessing and surrender and that err thing would be okay and would go just as God intended. Not that I didn’t know that already because being raised in a pentacostal upbringing around a set of God fearing grandparents, you better knew that or that meant that you wasn’t listening to any of the Sunday sermon that they packed you up on. But, as an adult who was lost in her way it would have been nice to hear someone out there truly and genuinely cared and understood you and was wanting to help you look beyond now. But, that moment has passed and here I am today. I have received the Lord as my Christ and saviour, I have been baptized in His holy name and as of today I have surrender all my worry, frustrations, bondage and chains to Him. And, I haven’t done it alone. I have had a wonderful husband who has worked through his worse demons to walk right along my side and a wonderful church to be my trampoline and give me the bounce back that I needed to realize I am not alone. What more could One girl ask for. Mission accomplished.

So as I set here contemplating, whether to continue watching the birds and bugs alike (What Ms. Duchess ain’t trying to chase through the screen door), or to go lay down and enjoy a nice and wonderful spring time nap, it is my prayer that you stand up and you accomplish ever mission you set yourself out to complete, whether it be making sure you carry flip flops on a high heel kinda day or you suck it up and drink a Mountain Dew when all you really wanted was an ice cold coca cola in a can, you do it with passion and you do it with your best regard and bring one hundred degree heat to the house and turn it up with happiness and joy. Cause the struggle is real but so is the God I serve, y’all be blessed now ya hear.

Signing off,

Chryssé D ❤️💋

((tata for now))


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