Adventures of Chryssé D

Well, this is it my very first blog post. And, it only took me almost thirty years to do it. Well, unless you count all the lonesome crazy nights I spent up writing in my journal that no one would ever read because if they even came close to touching I would chew off their arm…. Probably wouldn’t be as bad as the pencil tops I have chewed on to get to this moment, but it would be bad. Man, that was a lot of pencils. And they say wood chucks are bad. No wonder momma and daddy always wonder why I went through so many pencils And here I thought there was conspiracy in the universe that they switch me to lead. Hmmmmm, makes me wonder.

But, here I am at 7:07 Easter Morning creating my first blog. Shouldn’t I be out planting jelly beans or something like that. No, not really. But I will be participating in candy rain here in a few hours. I figured that I could take s few moments to encapsulate all that I have come to discover in the last few months of my life and just take you on an adventure. Now, here in a couple hours the chaos will start because we have to get up and get ready for the conclusion of revival. Our Easter morning service at church. And, even though I took precautionary methods to make sure that this didn’t happen…. Picked out shoes, outfits, got the bible bag packed, straightener easy to go… I am sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that something, anything will go to the left instead of the right and cause me to be late for church. And, we all know that God loves puntionality or least the congregation does. Nothing worse than walking in after the door is closed and everyone….and I mean EVERYONE turning to look at you and your broke heel because you didn’t quite prepare for the fact that you had to walk to church cause the car belt decided to break, the bike tire was flat and you would get stuck in the railroad track as you tried to walk across In some nines….nope nothing worse than that. I am not saying that did happen to me but that is me foreseeing the future of my non chalant preplanning methods! Good thing I was just planning for that and not brain surgery cause then we would be in some severe trouble. So, join me as I take myself on adventure. An adventure into the life of Chryssé D… Wife. Mother. Daughter. Friend. Child of God.

Like, I said it took me awhile to get to this point in my life. I was out conquering the world to my own superpower strengths and Wonder Woman ways  but, trust me that didn’t go very well  I ended up in some deep dark valleys and facing some pretty dark and tormented villains. I think I even met the real Harvey two Face  except his name wasn’t Harvey and he didn’t become two face in the the near survivalist notion to protect the one who his soul loved; nope this one just was themselves and chose to be two face well because it was fun to banter other people’s expense. Not a fun way to live life if you ask me. But, I am just saying ! I really don’t even know where to begin or what to say because I guess I just like to talk and write about all these experiences hoping that maybe somewhere out there someone maybe touching on the same thing and need help or maybe there is someone who is seasoned in what I am going through and can be my own personal Dear Abby, but either way if I can write and get it all out there off my chest and in the open or I can make just one person smile today then I woke up and lived my life to all that I need to accomplish. Well, not woke up yet…cause I ain’t even been asleep. It’s going to be a lllllllllooooooonnnnngggggg dddddaaaayyyyyy but I will keep smiling through it all because I am finding my joy to mix with my happiness and keeping a smile on my face cause That is what we do on an adventure…we smile. I hope you guys have a great Easter out there and find the golden goose egg that you have been looking for and just pray for me that I don’t walk into to church late. Ya’ll be blessed now you hear and I hope you guys give me some feedback on how this blog thing is supposed to work.

signing off,

Chryssé D❤️💋




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    Welcome to our blogging Community!!



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