My Prince

When I was a little girl, I used to live to read fairy tales. The ones of Rapuzenal, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty. I would read and read, repeat and replay in head over and over until I could do the screen play in my head. I, of course, was the leading princess….and my rabbits or stuffed animals played the roles of the daring and dashing prince who was rushing in to save the livelihood of the fair maiden. But, of course when they did I had to change everything about myself. My past times, my financial status, my location until the point that it became a nuisance for me to have to do all this stuff for a mere mortal man…a prince of what again….he wanted my virtue, my charity, my longsuffering, my self control but wanted nothing to do with my grievance, my tribulations, my….well, my life, me so I found myself bored! So, that was the end of fairy tales for me, until I could be convinced of one Prince, one King who was willing to accept me for me….no matter what skeletons was in My closet, my deepest, darkest secret was just another descriptive page in my novel that described who I was, and it was just another page of my novel ready to be turned. I was out to seek the One who would love me no matter what and would indeed help me become a better person. A man who would risk anything for me, pay the ultimate price, help me seek these special gifts that I have inside of me and help me grow and prosper and grow my tree so that it would be rooted so deep that the Jordan River would be my watering source. People try to convince me that I was setting myself up for failure, that was allurement to get me to buy into the fairy tale of love and it did not exist, they try to have me believe that no one would believe in the existence of such a man, it was an illumination of my madigral mind and to believe in any such thing was foolery. Well, I guess the jokes on Them, because I found my Prince, the one who wants me to build up my Kingdom, the one who gave His life for me, the One who promise that He would be by my side for the rest of life and there after, the One who accepted me as I was even though I was covered in a puddle of tears and mascara, and a hot blubbering mess, the One who promises to come back for me when the time is right and the Book is complete. Do you know Him? Do you know my Prince? Would you like to? I promise it was the best thing that has ever happened to me and that prince was worth waiting for. Now, that is a fairy tale they should tell our sons and daughters, when in fact it is no fairy tale at all. It is real. It is true, and it lives inside of me and I hope inside of you too
#biblestudy #blessed #Jesuschic #reflections #noteworthytruth #toGodbetheglory


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  1. Oh my, I absolultely love this more than anything! Would you mind if I shared this on my social media (obviously giving you credit)?


    1. chryssed says:

      You sure can, and thank you


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