Well it is almost time for the day to begin. Another beautiful day that God has gifted me with. You know he didn’t have to. He could have ceased to let me breathe that one last breath and not gave me a chance to move on to make of this life what was intended for me. My destiny. My victory. A God filled life full of love, understanding, peace, patience, and self control. As I travel out into my little world today, I have to remember to walk forth as Jesus would have and in this world it can be very difficult but I must at the very least try but that is what is commanded of me. I know that I will fall short, that is a given but I serve a God who understands and forgives. But, I have to move on in this world knowing that their is a bigger picture….one that is beautiful created and designed for EVERYONE…. Not just me, not just you but everyone. And that included the person that you least expected cause I can guarantee if you are judging them then they wouldn’t be expecting you either.. Jesus said go forth and love everyone for that is the greatest commandment and often times the hardest but God sure don’t give us battles that we can’t overcome. So, as we travel out into the world today make sure you take your blinders off but put on your Jesus goggles and see the world as He would. #blessed #Jesuschic #morningdevo #timelessknowledge #proudtobeapostolic


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