What really matters


I’m here in my own little bible study, Godspiration world trying to get closer to my God and understand more and more cause I just can’t get enough, but something begins weighing in my mind heavy and hard…. Last night, at the rebukelican convention, the “future First Lady” (using losely, doesn’t deem my stand in the politic realm) gave a speech that modeled after Mrs.Obama speech from years ago….now my thoughts…..
I have heard about this all day, every time I turn on the tv, pick up the newsstand, etc. people being so concerned with this. They are busy picking apart how this so was like that or that was like this. If all these critics were this concerned about their walk with Christ they would not call it plagerism, they would call it inspiration. They wouldn’t call it fake, they would call it real. We are call to be Christ like and if that makes me a plagerist so be it because I will continue to copy and do exactly as I was called to do….. And also will people be this concerned when the false teachers and false prophets come to them, will they have study the Lords speech so much that they would know this is a copy of the original just changed enough to benefit what people want to hear not what is true. People are really just picking apples and oranges here…..there IS SO MUCH MORE THAT WE COULD FOCUS ON THEN WHETHER OR NOT ONE PERSON MODELED THIS SPEECH AFTER ANOTHER. please, people I beg you to wake up. Realize what is important and real and go for it, not insignificant things that don’t hold much more weight than a water balloon in the ocean. Rant over…… #totd #imjustsaying #butthatisnotmybusiness #plagerism #melaniatrump #melaniavmichelle


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