My doctors visit

Well, today was no different than any other day. I got up, turn to alarm slamming the snooze button for the gazillionth time. Crystall, you really have to get up. You have to get your feet on the floor and get ready. You know what today is. It’s that day. Much like every day, it is that day. I had to go to the doctor. I had missed a couple visits this week due to being overwhelmed with everything going on. Because let’s face it. My anxieties have anxieties. But, I couldnt miss another doctor visit. My provider paid way to much for me to miss this very visit for this could be the one to define everything. This could be the one to find out what was ailing mean all week. I was so frustrated, overwhelmed, EXHAUSTED!!!! There had to be something.
After some convincing, I got up and did the daily getting ready, taking a shower, following up on social media, talking to everyone, fighting with Lita( my beat down barely running almost out of gas til payday Oldsmobile)…then there was traffic don’t get me started on traffic….oh give me patience give me patience. She’s, I made it. I arrived in the parking lot…and, the the rigourous routine began. Crystall you don’t have to do this but you do. Crystall you know what will be said but today it maybe different. Open the door. Close the door. One foot in. One foot out. One more cigarette. Just ten more minutes. Just like the snooze button I continued to delay the evidentiary outcome of the visit.
Now that I am in signed in, documented, grab a magazine one and a sunkist and wait. It shouldn’t be to long. I mean how busy could my doctor be. He has a lot patients but he is so time efficient to everyone of our needs that it shouldn’t take to long. In and out at best. Long, overdrawn extraction of the blood and soul as worst. So what was to hurt. You know the door is only five foot away right?  Mrs. Barrows you are up next the receptionist chimed in at my moment of escape, I knew she was telepathic or something. I knew she heard me. So here goes…..
And, the conversation went something like this….
Doc: how you feeling today? What seems to be ailing you today? You seemed to missed your visits this week? You know that your provider paid for those visits in advance and you are the only one that can hurt the outcome by not showing up right?
Me: well, yea doc I know you make sure that i know this how can I forget the price that was paid. I seem to be under qualified for a overachiever position. I am anxious, nervous, and so Tired,doc. Like I can’t get enough rest.
Doc: well, let me check you out….you seem to have a good heart beat which means that you ticker is still working, your eyes are still focused, you still have a rumbly tummy which means you are hungered, and your blood is still pumping, so you still have a chance, your fever is still up so you are on I recommend that you go home get your food, lay it down and get some rest, put on your glasses and get focused, and keep your tempututre up and stay hot…and as always I will see you back here tomorrow. Remember as always paid in full for the rest of the visits. Try not to miss one.

Well, I guess that you are probably reading this scratching your head thinking what the world is going on here and what kind of quack is she seeing. Well the truth is, my doctor is your doctor to. My doctor is Jesus, and I have to constantly remember that I have these visits paid for in advance and covered under the blood of Jesus…when I get to far away from Him, not seeing and talking to him as I should then yea I will get all the unneeded symptoms of life. I have to remain focused, stay hungry and on fire for Him and in return I can always lay it down and have all the rest I need. So I hope just a little humor helped your day along. Tata for now, and as always be blessed. #Jesuschic #blessed #biblestudy #totd


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