I’m sorry 


Before tonight, I was burdened. I was heavy. I was suffering from arthritis of forgiveness. 22 plus years of a hurt and pain that I could never describe. A place in the basement of my heart, hidden from all society so that I would not have to face the devil in the eye and say you had a grip on me thwt would never allow me to say I am sorry that I have bound you to me for all these years. So, tonight when Pastor said that it was a hurt in the spirit in the emotion in the past to step out in the middle and be free I knew in that moment that I had to step forward, no more looking back…I had to be free. It was then as he he told us put it in your hands all of it that it became heavier and heavier and heavier, that I realized what I had been carrying, what had held me back, and what I must do to release this pain and hurt that I felt for far, far to long. And so I did!!! And slowly in my own steady calm pace I began to lift my hands higher and higher and allow God to do what he had wanted to do for so long. Allow him to free me, allow him to HEAL me, and I never felt so free, so light, so easy!!!To the person that no longer holds this place in my heart yes I forgive you and tonight I hope that God touches you, frees you and allows you to have a restful night sleep cause we both deserve it. We both deserve to be free from a pain unknown a pain that spoke volumes in the silence of the aftermath. I pray that you can finding a healing that will allow you to move on in life free from the burden and pain. Because I know I have been set free I have been pieced back together and now today I can breathe and I can sleep without the fear tormenting my night. 

Hallelujah to God be the glory


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