More than just an Emoji

This morning, I got up so reluctant to get up and do what needed to be done but I did it anyway, and much to my non surprise I was not let down… I got to see the beauty and grace renewed of the day and I was more than thankful to praise God for all that he had done for me. And that was simply the beauty of it all. But, I got thinking and when I say thinking man….that’s a dangerous thing (lol), that’s like getting on a spider web of subways that all intersect with a time bomb so you needing be sure you get in the right one cause the other going to explode. Me, well of course, I am going to be on the one that explodes… Cause see I didn’t say what it was going to explode with and by lacking to inference an emoji there the mind automatically went to the negative connotation that it was really going to explode. But see my train derailment, audacious as it sounds, is well exciting and amazing. Full of confetti and noise poppers, streamers and balloons. And that’s the subway I be getting on!!!!

Our problem these days is this….we can’t see a persons emotions without the relative blatant this is how I am feeling button. Two people can say the exact same thing at the exact same time and because they didn’t attach and it makes me feel, or in the case or modern day social media didn’t attach a emoji, it is just exact what it says….it’s going to explode!!! Well, my friend I am here to tell you life in much more than an emoji. It is a constant roller coaster of ups, down, roundabout, loopy loos that is either going to make you scream with excitement or make you have some warp speed barf and it is up to you to see the underlying mission of what is interacted. We have to take our days and realize we can’t all speak in emoji….we can’t all speak is lol’s, smh’s, and gr8’s….and we all can’t understand the language of a generation that talks through our screens and not our eyes. Our screens and keyboard are not an attachment of who we are but our mouth and eyes are. We need to learn social interaction is a safety place for some. Someone out there is needing you to speak more that a smiley face, they are in need of the actual smile. A child out there don’t need to see wanna have a water gun battle through the screen they actually need you to get out there and toss the water balloon out or get them with the super soaker. And I am here to tell you no emoji can ever replace or begin to describe the emotion when you hear a child laugh or scream because you are chasing them with the water gun. 

It has densenitized the world we live in, and I am not bashing the generation cause I love using emoji in my conversation but I also love paying attention to the way someone speaks to me and listening for joy, laughter, fear, anger, hurt in their ultimate response and evaluating what they need as such. I may not be able to fulfill their need but I can listen and understand, take time to speak to them and hear what they have to say. 

So when you look at someone today just know that they are more than an emoji, they are a human being with needs and feelings and need to be heard beyond the surface of what is being said today. Until til next time y’all, be blessed, less stressed and always take life with sweet tea and a slice of faith. 

Tata for now,

Chryssé D signing off 


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