No one left behind


Today, I sit and I reminisce about the days of old, and the days of new. For the longest time, in my mind, I had forgotten the day of old. Things stood out to me that was great happiness and great disappointment but the in between I had forgotten or thought I had. But, then God had begun to do this work inside of me. I want to live in love and fear of God because I know of these things that He had done throughout my life and the life of the ones before me. I was doing my daily reading and came across Judges 2:10

And also all that generation were gathered unto their
fathers: and there arose another generation
after them, which knew not the LORD, nor
yet the works which he had done in Israel.

I get to have this privilege of all these awesome and amazing wonders that existed through my short 31 years in life. I have seen people saved, people baptized, cancers cured, hearts healed, families restored, marriages strengthened. People were hungry for what was offered to them. They wanted more and they didn’t give up and they fought their good fight until they took their last breath on this planet. They lived in the revelation they knew they had this beautiful kingdom awaiting for them no matter what came in this earthly life. They walked a deep walk of faith. And, I am sure one day I will find their name listed on the list of great people of Hebrew 11. Rooted in the truth, knowing of who Jesus really was, holding onto that no matter what. Poverty, poorness, lack, darkness, evil, nothing could sway them from what they believed.
And, to me that was a blessing. Not only were they doing what they knew to be the right decision in their life, but they was leaving little bread crumbs for us little ones to find, to hold onto and remain close to them. For some they were laid out in plain sight. And for the rest of us, well we had to walk deep into the forest to find those trails of crumbs. Those that led us to a dynasty. And, that dynasty belonged to me.
I said that it was a privilege, yes it was, and I will always hold onto that thought; that is were I feel closest to those that I love the most. In those moments and memories, I dont feel so alone. But, more than a privilege, it was my obligation, my duty as a survivor and of the bloodline to carry on these stories; these teachings of what was left to me. A sacred story of redemption and restoration, of belief and love. I need to share with the next generation all these wonderful things of what God had done, or maybe what He had withheld. I had to leave those trails so that when the next generation was finding their way, they will pick up on the fact that there is a greater sense of what He is trying to accomplish. I have to provide that link to what is the Light.
This next generation, folks, is dwindling away into the nothingness of the world. It is falling to the great act of entitlement. It is emptying out everything that it was meant to hold. The rhyme and the reason. It is up to us to teach the babies, the children that there is something powerful and great out there. We can’t not let all the blood, sweat, and tears that was poured out be in vain. Some of us wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t a praying momma and daddy, a faithful Mammaw and Pappah to go to that alter for us; and, none of us would be here if one man didn’t love each one of so so much as to lay His life upon a cross for us. Take all of our sins and bear them so that we wouldn’t have to suffer the wrath.
Think about folks, what if it were like today and Jesus lived like some of us did. Lived to only supply his own needs and not the care of others, what if he would have not went through with what he was sent to do just because it didn’t fit into his daily appointment book. I,for one, am surely glad that Jesus didn’t give up on me, and we can’t give up on them. And, most important we can’t turn away from Him. We have to teach them. We have to show them. We have to pray with them and for them. We have to keep writing that story so that it just don’t end when Superman falls to Lex Luther and gets the toxic dose of Kryptonite. There is more to the story than that. We shall not be defeated, we have the power to overcome and so do they.
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