Let us REJOICE!!


Today, is the day that the Lord has made so let us rejoice and be happy. or that is the way it is supposed to be. I know as well others that this can prove to be very difficult or at least in my exprience that is what the devil wanted me to believe. Just give up. Lose all hope. Don’t even bother because you ain’t ever going to succeed, are just some of he thoughts that I have to face on a daily possibly hourly interval. Well, I have it from good authority (my King James Bible) that the devil is a liar, a thief and a destroyer. So, why even give him the time of day, to get inside your mind, your head, your thoughts. Even if you try to do what you want it’s not the way He wants you to do it. So stop, think of what He wants you to accompolish and bury your carnal self. I’m not saying that it’ll ever be easy cause, my friend, that is furthest from the truth. But, what I am saying is and you can refer to Mark 10:27…it is possible if you have God. It will be gut-wrenching, pain staking, against all odds, deck stacked against you difficult; but with faith, patience, knowledge, understanding and most important guidance you can and will succeed. And, know that you are never alone for God is with you and the person in Aisle 3 looking for pancake mix is probally going though the same battle as you. You just have lift your eyes up one more time, let Him restore your faith, and help heal your heart. And, in the end, It Will all work out for the good.   If at any time you ever feel like you are gong to break…dont! Bend, but never break. And, always know that you have a set of hotline numbers that you can call out on. If you have a copy of the bible,flip to the back and find the word that best describes your battle and there you will find a set of number which you can call upon to help you through. All you have to do is just keeping gong. Don’t turn back, don’t stop, just keep walking. And, sooner rather than later you will see the waters calm, the skies part, and the beautiful Son in the sky open up and find relief throughout your situation. I can promise this is truth cause I have walked in same shoes as you, the same storms, and similar battles. 


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