draft day

It was in the moment that i was lost that i was found. It was in the moment of time when i had stopped that i was really moving. And, it was just when I thought that everything had been stolen when the fact was, well, the fact was that was about to receive everything i ever would want or need. I was about to receive an inheritance that I thought only existed for the special few. Something that I could never touch or would be able to receive. Me? Little o me!! Yep that was a fact and i was going to stand and claim it. But, the truth is that it would take me months, possibly even years to see what was there for me to claim. But, it was there all along.
In my youth, i was very imaginative and peculiar. I didn’t have much of anything but i had a lot of everything. I just hasn’t came to that point yet. You know the one in your life where you could see what was right in front of you all along. I had nothing but i had everything. It wasn’t until recently, probably within the last 24 hours that i had realized what i had been given. And, truthfully if it were a snake, it would have bit me straight in the nose. And, if it were a fly trap I would have flew right into it wonder what had really happened all the mean while roughing an scuffing trying to get my way out off the trap that had been set for me. It is funny how things work out that way, isn’t it? You cant seem to realize what you have until you are smack dab right in the middle of a storm and whambam here comes a victory that you though you would never receive or at least that is what seems to me.
God has a sense of humor in that way. It doesn’t really seem funny and you cant find a way to laugh or smile but out there in the distant horizon, God is sitting back with the subtle chuckle in his belly as if it seems He is saying if she only knew what was about to come her way. It was in my darkest, most confrontational moments that this would happen to me. And, it was about to hit smack dab center bull eye as if my son had just hit the triple double in archery championships.img_5974

I say that because he hasn’t even started competition yet. However, i being namely his Momma, or first rate over the top fan (which ever title you would prefer), already see that victory. And, i suppose that is what God sees in me and my situation. Victory. Revelation. Salvation. Purification. Justification. And, he is probably thinking man, this is going to be so sweet when she gets her championship win.
Championships really never meant that much to me growing up cause lets face it they didn’t have the book worm elite or the 5k in Dewey decimal system location. So, really what was a championship to me. That, would be how i felt for ever and a day until i would become this huge Massachusetts fan of sports. I mean we have Tom Brady and four rings. We have big Pappi who is retiring with so many records and after this season will be four championship rings. We have the Celtics and the bruins. And, i am over elated. No, i am not from Massachusetts but i recognize a good team when i see one and i seen more in those teams than i had ever seen or had the ability to participate in my life. But, more than champions, they were a team and i wanted to be part of that. img_5977

I wanted to have a family like that. One who would thrive initially in my success but also hold me in my failures but wouldn’t allow me to stay there to long. Yea, that is where i wanted to me. And, from that point on i would search out for the team of that stature and when i found it i was going to claim it and i was going to own it.

So here, i sit. Are you ready for it?? Are you ready to here about my team and my family? Or are you like me out there is search of somewhere that you can belong to and have a vitally of success even in your failures. Well, sweet child, you have happened across the right blog today because you are in the right place and the right time and there is no initiation fee, no clubhouse membership or outrageous penthouse ticket prices. Let me tell you about my team. I am batting on the kingdom business team and man it feels good to but playing on the right team for once in my life and I promise it was not only worth the wait but it was worth every painstaking and miserable draft, every single check marked on the recruiters score card and ever jumbo jive from the heckler in the stands. I have finally found a team that believes in me and believes in what I can accomplish in life. A tea that isn’t afraid to tell me when i messed up, but doesn’t stop there they show me how to fix the problem so that the next time i can bat a homer or score the winning touchdown. Or, if i am lucky the skills that they show me i have in inside will allow me to score the pick six in the final ten seconds of the game that will one up the enemy. I’m not saying that it is easy cause it is far from that but i am saying that it is possible because i am a team member with a team that participates in active faith and doesn’t have a problem running practice trials until we get it right. And, i know that I belong right where i am at and i am glad that they chose me on that lonesome draft day when i thought all hope was lost and that i was going home empty handed and no jersey. But, that is the day that i realized just when i thought i had nothing i had perceived that i had everything i needed. I was broken nd in need of repair. I was empty and needed cleaning up. I was dirty and needed a new bath. My clothes and shoes where worn and i got t trade them up for some nice new heavenly jersey that my family and I could never live without. So if you ever want to play on a winning team, just look up John 3:16img_5975

, James 4:10img_5976

and look me up and we will get you settled away in your nice new comfy jersey HALLELUJIAH #proudtobeapostolic #Jesuschic #fillmewithyourpresence #asformeandmyhouseweshallservetheLord #growthworknothomework #whatisyourdynasty #heliftedmeup #bearingmycross #Hediedforme #


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