Father God, I wasn’t to first think you for the amazing gift that you gave us. A gift often to many times taken for granted. The gift of opening eyes, the gift of breathing, or being able to take a chance to say thank you or I love you.  We are often misguided in our prayers and thanksgiving. Sometimes well most time we are guilty of overlooking the simplest of pleasures to say thank you and notice your love.

I want to ask to to watch over anone that is under the view of my blog. Lead them,  guide them. Protect them. Just simply love them. Allow them to know that when they grow through struggles as many of us do that we are simply going through the refinement process.

Father lead and guide our life so that it is the will of you and the purpose of you. Allow us to have the heart of a servant and to be open an honest about where we are coming from and where we would like to go. Alway remain first in our marriage and in our homes. Be the first love that you always should have been. You are the one who has always had our back when it seemed like the entire world was walking out on us.

Jesus, i just ask tonight that you see us. See the crys of a silent heart and allow us the ability to share our testimonies and witness so that smeone out there might be spared frm the heart ache and pain of the enemy.

It is in your gracious and mighty me Jesus i pray



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