I’m unfinished



Wow, unfinished…..why a word of the day to choose. There are so many things that get left unfinished everyday that we often don’t realize. Some of them good, some bad and some better just left unsaid. But, for when I think of unfinished I think of my growth in God and the path that He wants me to take. I started this journey for the first many, many years ago then I got caught up in the world. I was under so much pressure to be this thing that I though that I could never be, but He had much greater plans for me. But, the secret was I had to leave it unfinished. I had to wonder though the world unfinished and unrefined so that when I finally made it to the destination point I am at now, I would truly and fully begin to understand what unfinished was meant to be all about. I am glad that he let my love life remain unfinished so that I didn’t walk down the aisle the first time I was supposed to, because had I done that very thing the greatest love story I would ever know would have remained unfinished. I am glad that he didn’t let me go blind to all the worlds things that I went through because had He not, well then my compassion for the world would totally be unfinished and I would have never understood what I was supposed to see and why. Now, not only do I have a greater understanding and love for Jesus Christ but, I have a great want and passion for all the work that he left unfinished in me. My want to be a wife. A mother again. A child of God. A teacher. With out all these great unfinished works I would not have the desire to travel all these paths that I want to walk today. So, when they often say Gods best answers to prayers are those unanswered, well maybe they weren’t unanswered just unfinished and for that everything works out for His greater purpose in our life’s HALLELUJIAH to God be all the glory.


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