The mouse man

Growing up in the early eighties…late nineties, I didn’t have much to go on. I had all these great cartoons, and wonderful fairy tales to watch. Things to keep me occupied, and an imagination. One that could carry me from the Straights of Jibalter to the dynasty’s in Timbuktu. I could carry on conversations with the bunnies, and hold debutante ball with just a punch glass of sweet tea and the beaming sun. But, you better make sure the dress was flowing and the pinky was upwedding-dress-clipart-black-and-white-35. I mean I didn’t want proper etiquette to commandeer my hillbilly illustrated ways. After all, I am just a commoner. In the meantime though, lets face it, we had to grow up. Or, well, grow old. Some never really do grow up. And, I always swore that I would be a Toy ‘R Us kid, cause I didn’t want to grow up, I always wanted to be a kid.
But, then it happened. I did just that. I always sit and wondered how did this certain company who main logo was a wand and a mouse (copyright issues) make so much money selling nothing but lies. As a young girl, it rocked. As an adult, I mean have you really thought about it. Have you really thought about the colloquial dialogue that they sold us. And, we bought up ever red cent making him a millionaire even beyond the grave. I just would sit and wonder how we could always buy into these fanatical statements of love, and laughter, and the need for someone else’s dignified approval to be called a success. Not my typical fairy tale if you ask me. Funny that the actual definition of such is an incredible or misleading statement, account or belief. But who am I? Just one little commoner who sings to the birds and dances with the broom.
There have been some of these such high esteemed beliefs that I would go out on the singing branch and call a faux paus. And, if you have time, well I want to take you on a journey to those most mislead conceptions that I see when I watch the films such a these. Hahahaha, I find so much hilarity that it in fact makes me giggle. Now, I aint about to go on a ramble about being a loco femme who don’t need this and that, or that and this. This is just a little thought, cause lets face it the dishes aint going to do theirselves. But, somehow in this ironic twist of human nature, the thought that it could really happen had grossed over four hundred million dollars here and abroad. That is seemingly a lot of money for such a fabrication. And, they say we the people spend a lot of money of plastic surgery to buy into the phantom of a lie. Hmmmmm, imagine that.
So anyways, they sale us this belief that all these men come into our life’s and are such Prince Charmings. And, Eric like. Supreme beast mode. That in turns causes us to follow our hearts or the image that was placed there by all this after market value. And what do we get, we get the Gustans, Edgar Baltazhars, and Governer Ratliffes.
swishy-sociopaths-animated-villains-the-gay-voice-and-the-vague-gay-body-image-1436885720But, hey we bought into it so I guess we get what we get. Or, at least our parents did. Only half the time, doing it to shut us up. Which leads us down the aisle in Shotgunesque style marriage only to get us out of their hair and into someone else’s. Do you think that he would have actually wrote all these stories that way that he did if he knew that it would cause so much damage to the psyche of little girls. I wonder if he even had a daughter and he refrained her from watching them? Or what about a boy, are we led to believe that our sons are supposed to watch this and believe that they are to be some prince who is going to rescue the princess from the castle if only she let down her hair. Isnt that setting them up for disaster, too. I mean cause I have met some crazy cats out there who are far from princess status. I think they fall under the category of villainous. Atrocious. Diabolical. I think that has Lady Tremaine written all over it. But, that is what being a kid was all about. That is what we thought was cool and necessary.
But, like I said earlier, I had to grow up. Not that I wanted too. But on the grounds that I like so many other girls had fell victim to what was imbedded in our tiny little eyes and what played fiddle on the strings in our hearts. And, it was sad. I believed a lie because I believed in fairy tales. And, I believed in princes, and the amazing thought of what they were. But, I got stuck with all the negative characteristics of such. The skirt chaser. The libertine. The Don Juan of Richmond. Wow, thanks mouse man. I suppose when they thought about the selling of love they were selling lust. And, sadly they still are. Just the upgraded, more technically far more reachable approach. And, it saddens me that the generations of me are falling in sorts with the same thing all over again. When is the vicious cycle ever going to end. I mean really. When are they going to sell stories based on what is really out there. What we are really facing. Or, when are they going to sell stories on men like Billy Graham, and real men. real-men-done28099t-loveMen like the Noah Galloways, Captain Phillips and men who are really Truth chasing and devil smacking. I believe if I was sold that type of man for the first eighteen years of my life then maybe things would have been different. But, truth dont sale only the diatonic versions of it does. And, that ladies and gents, is where we have to break the generational curses that media has laid in the paths of our sons and daughters.
So, I ask, no beg and plead to shield what you are allowing your children to soak up into their tiny little thoughts. They have no control of what is in front of them but you do. Now, i am not saying ban your child from watching all these stories cause that would be a disservice to them and the childhood would be robbed. But, in the instant that they are old enough to grasp the ideas and concepts of what is going on out there and they start having to face what is really in the world. Tell them the truth. Dont hurt them. Don’t protect them in such a way that you leave them chasing a lie all their adult life because they believed in fairy tales. Live in such a way that when ask what is the man and woman you want to spend the rest of your life with they could answer with honesty and sincerity. They could say that my prince charming is my daddy. Or mommy always told me it didn’t matter if the shoes fit or not it, it was the character of the man massaging her feet because it was such a tight fit. Be the expectation for your children that you always grew up believing in. And, for once show the mouse man what it feels like to have the biggest piece of cheese behind a hole so deep that you would be left scratching and digging for hours just to reach the smell. Show them in fact that love sales. And, that it really does exist. Not on the television screens but in our homes. beauty-and-the-beast_madame-de-la-grande-bouche_3Now, I am off for the nights still chasing one more fictitious thought that the dishes will wash themselves, and the clothes will remain folded even when the wardrobe is shouting be my guest. But, until next time have a good ole glass of sweet tea with a slice of faith, be blessed and less stressed.



Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves


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