Pit Stop

Whilst taking a drive out on the open highways to go back home led me do write about an interchange. A midpoint. A pit stop. Not so much in the physical journey, but more so in the writing journey. Some say it may be blogging homicide. michaelquirkistockthinkstockDo stop and decide where you are traveling from; or maybe changing the destination of where you were shuttling too. Beginning this journey towards the start of 2016, I never understood really where my destination would be. Things were so up in the air. With the blog. With me. With what I wanted. However, I had to choose to start somewhere that was and is important to me and build from there. I have put a lot of miles of dedication into the importance of a Jesus in my life. While admitting, I had run my fuel tank empty quite a few times and had to get my spark relit. But, that okay because my attendant never goes out to lunch or out of business. And, for that I am very grateful. He never left me struggling. He never left me empty for long. And most important, he never left me alone. And, folks, that is a blessing of the Most High God.
In the initial Stages of my blog, I had no idea what kind of platform would be at my fingertips. Literally, at my fingertips. I had to consume a whole lot of sweet tea and prolly eat the whole pie of faith, instead of just a slice. I was sure that I would never be able to give my vocabulary a voice other than the one beating in my chest. But, it was rymthmatic; it was soothing, and it had a lot to say if I would just listen. Then, slowly but surely the words became sentences, which fashioned punctuation. And, that made them paragraphs and design them to thoughts and ideas. And, now I sit here some thirty post later to a point that the word never leaving my head for more than a minute. I have pushed that delete button so many times, that I think my backspace needed a backspace. And, my trash bucket was going to start charging me a monthly unloading fee. Who knew. How one desire could become a dream. And, I strive for hope that one day the dream would serenade into a beautiful ballet of reality orchestrated by my Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ.
Sometimes, well a lot of times, it can be difficult for a person to profess their love for Jesus. Not so much as the ability of doing so, but the paparazzi it gains. faa75d4b3900b702de29d30392a3b91bBut, what I have seem to find is this is normal in a day where me-ism is so rampant in the world. Where my belief system can’t be spoken of, if it ain’t in jive with someone else’s. I had came to know that there are a lot of us out there who have remained quite and even tempered for the better parts of our life, not speaking of our beliefs. And, that was not fair to our self or the one who loved us and still loves us so much. I feel that the fire is being kindled up underneath me, and hopefully you too. And, if we can place our fires together, we can spread a band of truth that no one could resist. One of love one of patience. One of suffering and one of brotherly kindness. And, most importantly telling his story by sharing our journal of reconstruction. And, don’t get discouraged when people come against you and your truth. They think their belief system is different; however, it is simply no different then you sharing the story about what you love and know versus them telling theirs. It is really that simple. If they choose to tell the story of the love of possession, of money, of time; then there is no difference is me sharing my love and you sharing your passion for what is real and what is true in your life. So stand up and share on.
There is a lot of people out there in the world. A lot who don’t know which way to go. Some whom have never discovered the magnitude of love and aspiration inside of them. And, sadly even more who don’t know Jesus. And, how can they if it is somewhere marked in the etiquette of modern day meism that we can’t. quote-light-switch-coverWe cant speak of the John 3:16’s, or the beautiful inspiration of Romans 8:28; we can’t define our beginning by stating Genesis 1:1 or the hope of a pleasant future kingdom in that of Revelation 21. There is a lot of noise involving the no’s, nonetheless, and never in the bold audacity of someone speaking on my behalf telling me what I may or may not be able to do. If they chose not to believe, that is fine. That is their God given choice. Yes, He is so amazing that he even embedded choices to those who don’t believe in his truality. But, it is also my freedom to stand up and do just the same. To fight for what I am sure in the existence of an amazing and mighty God. A wounded warrior. A comfort unspoken. A treasure buried. And, I will evoke my right to such attributes each and every day as long as He grants me breath in my lungs and hope in my heart. For, that is the right of a believer.

until next time have a good ole glass of sweet tea and a slice of faith. I left enough to share1476818205865


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