Resolutions of a kingdom woman

Wavering. Tumultuous. Fierce and passionate. What more can I say; this is how I would describe my latter few weeks. Generally speaking, it was well worth it. But, boy was it ever existent on wearing me out. Then it happened. I went to the book store. Half price books for half price deals. Sounded cool. I went to return a journal book that my husband had bought for me. I think it was 300 ideas for journalism. I called a way to kill time. Him. Well, he called it invested in my future as an author. As chivalrous as it sounded, I wasn’t to keen on the ideas in the book. So, I set out to return it. Looking for something more my style. More bright. Less fancy. Yet, two and half hours later and an empty stomach, I still couldn’t decide. I would lay book after book out. Page after page I turned but still wasn’t impressed with my finding. What was I looking for? What would fit my need? When would I ever get that pizza? Did they have to clean the bathroom right as I had to go? Question after question, until finally the leaning tower of Crystall was finally about to collapse. And, then there it was. Almost like an ahhhhhhhhhhh moment. Almost as if, irrationally so, it fell into my lap. Or rather, I fell into it, as I stumbled into the bookcase for the millionth time. RESOLUTION FOR WOMEN

My Newest Adventure

and on the back cover it showed just what I had been feeling, thinking, hiding, and shrieking.


And, then dimly the lightbulb over my head began to shine. Thanks Lord. I knew in the right time you would bring into my life,a discovery package that would sew seeds into my being. I had come across the book years ago, when I first watched the movie Courageous but sadly I could never find the time or the need to make any decisions in my life regarding who and what I wanted to be. Simply put my New Years resolution was to make no resolution cause I was good at failing. Miserable at quitting and never finishing past the third chapter. And, that was if I was lucky. But, this time fate stepped in at the right moment. And, I didn’t even realize it at yet. Things would be wrong but I was so blinded my life and the world that often I couldn’t see past the rim of my glasses. And, then fate would step in and drop this beautiful amazing “come at your core” straight into my lap. But, I just had to open the book and allow it to talk to me. Hear what God was trying to tell me through not only His word, but these words. And, that my friends is courage. img_6411
Assuming,I had it all figured out. I was doing great. I had been in early prayer for the past four weeks. I was diving into church functions as often as I could. I was setting forth at being a prayer warrior. In love with my privilege as being a wife. And, I just could ask for more. I was really living the life. It was great. But, Newton once said in the famous three laws of physics what goes up must come down, and everything with action deserves an equal and opposite reaction. And, there was on top of the mountain one day and dangling off the side of the cliff the next. I was so much spiritually funky that I was growing weeds and mushrooms. But, in the corner of the room there set the book by the lovely Pricilla Shirer and it was calling my name. I was feeble, I was nimble. And, I was barely hanging on. And, so I sat down and I began to read. And observe. And, soak up what was right there in front of me. It was then that I realized I didn’t have it all under control. I wasn’t balanced and my see saw was out of whack and it was at the hands of my own doing. IMG_6412.JPGI know God will never give us more than we can bear, but I think this time what I thought I could bear was more than I was able to digest. And, I was definitely loosing my mind.
So, here I am and there you are. I would like for you to take time to join me in this journey as I dive into this book. This resolution to be more of a kingdom woman who I was designed to be. Now, success don’t come over night; sadly, learning this the hard way. And, sometimes, the turtle lane is safer than the rabbit expressway. But, I would like you to join in with me as I go through this book reviewing each section, or rather, resolution at a time to finding myself and getting my self grounded back to the foundational principles that have been set before me.

Come on y’all 

I ask you to engage with me. If you have read this book give me insight; how has it helped your journey. What is your take. Or if you haven’t read it and have a copy lying around I revolve that you join in with me on this journey together. Helping each other as we come together. Finding questions to answers we thought we knew. And, just take life with a good ole glass of sweet tea and a slice of faith.





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