Questions Oh Questions

As I began to roll out of bed, I would spend a minute wondering where I belonged. I looked at the reflection in the mirror. Blank, I stood there. Wondering. Thinking. Finding my way through the remberence of the day. And the night before. Where would I let myself linger at today? This was the day the the Lord had made, and in that moment I decided that I would rejoice. Dance, rejoice, and leap for joy. Search for the things that would matter most to me. A thousand words later, and a moment later. Today, I would be reminded to shine and to sparkle wherever I go. An empty parking lot full of cars or or a human lampstand constantly thinking a million ways to rephrase would you like Pepsi or Sweet Tea. Constant reminder on my postit pad of life when placed in God’s hands, then it would be okay. He loved me enough to die for me ( and you, and you) then He would love me enough to see me through this as well. Decisions become monumental. Words become actions. And, footsteps (mere footsteps) becomes the journey we take through life. And, those all begin with one step. Never give up, never stop believing, and always challenge yourself. You can be your biggest competitor or your biggest fan. Although, I believe that a mixture of fifty/fifty would be great. To much of one or the other would be to much slick in the saddle. Failure or fly, that choice is yours; but the direction should a,ways remain in the hands of an Almighty God. A God who loves any and all. Guide you. Lead you. Direct you to your Northstar, always make compensation to find a way to follow your compass to your true north. Light a fire, and burn a candle. Life is far to short to be spoiled in a dark corner of loneliness, regret, and achy achy feet. You go through your journey you pick up th book and you learn the lesson. But, don’t forget that Homework, if you want to ace that test.

And, if you don’t. Well, that’s okay too…. failure always leave room for growth. Everyone loves change but no one wants to change. Just study a bit harder and rest a little easier. Some test are meant to be do overs until we learn to red between the lines. Understand to be understood. Answer the question or question the answer. Be active in your results. Just don’t forget to relish the fact that you have a chance at the do over. Most don’t get even that much. Always busy worried about tomorrow while forgetting about today.

Choices and chances; hardwork and dedication; love and loyalty,at is what life is truly about. However, behold, you can always stop bakes some pies, have a glass of sweet tea, and muggle with the friends. Even if the strangers become the friends. Even, they can be advocates for life long happiness. Don’t place a time line on the people you meet whether today or yesteryear, you can never really understand the impact they may have on a monument of happiness. Enjoy, relish, and relinquish. Always smile, even if you have to kick and scream. Do it with JOY, PATIENCE, MEEKNESS, KINDNESS, TEMPERENCE, CHARITY, AND VIRTUE.  climbing the stairs and cutting a rug. Pull some risky business, in the version or Tom Cruise all the way across the floor. And, when you desire the need for a laugh slide down the railing backwards. Just don’t slide to hard, or to fast unless you have the gift of preparedness and put a heck lot of bubble wrap at the bottom of the stairs. Ultimate stress relief or hugeamougous hospital bill. Haven’t decided which one that should be yet.

I know, I know you ar thinking that is Chryssé D is one crazy cat. She is rambling on and on like a __________ (fill in the blank) on a circus ball; or be like Emmit Smith on the tight rope, after all he was a DWTS champion. So ballet and tightrope walking must have did some kind of good to acquire a mirror ball next to the Lombardi. But, it ain’t to far away. Insanity versus reality. To look at life with seriousness or through the eyes of a child…. that can turns ones visionary world upside down and inside out. And, the actuality of the situation is if you are going through it… someone already has, already is, or already about too!!!!! Now that is functionality. Three little pigs and one big bad wolf. Where do you chose to build your life and your decisions. Your choices and situations. And, have you ever wondered why there were only three little piggies.I think that is simple they are the Joshua and Calebs. They were the go-getters, the can-doers, and the no matter what won’t-failers. Because, the other 20% were sitting at home, starving their dreams, or crying wee wee wee all the way home.

So at the conclusion of it all. Are you a dreamer or a realist? Are you faint, or are you tried and true? Don’t let reality crush your dreams, allow your dreams to dismantle your reality. Find the ‘U’ in success, find the ‘I’ in victory and run like you taking on the Bolts and Jesses of the world. Set that record. Rip that sash at the victory line. The world and the audience ar as big as you make it. It could be a sold out crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium or just behind the curtain in your warroom with you and God.

You become what you desire, and what you dream. The choice is yours. The direction is His. To be Sylvester or to be Tweety. Be coyote or be roadrunner. But, always know there is a Yosemite Sam chasing you, a Speedy Gonzales going faster, and a sweet loving grandma to take you in. There is a lesson to be learned no matter where you go. No matter who you are watching. And, if you are learning your teaching because nine times out of ten someone is watching you like you are watching them. And, never fear because there is always a Mr.Wilson just beyond the hedge giving advice and keeping guard. Until next be blessed, less stressed and always take life with a good ole glass of sweet tea and a slice of faith.

Courtesy of Discover weekly Tough Questions


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