I’ll be Your Miracle

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The Dictionary App for anticipation gives
* realization in advance; foretaste.
* expectation or hope.
* intuition, foreknowledge, or prescience
In other words…..

* Uncountable hope
* Trust
* Promise
* Outlook
* Simply feeling in my bones

And, that is an unimaginable force in your being when you place this complete and total TRUST AND COMMITMENT into God because you believe in Him. Everything that He stands for. That how it should be right? But, how do you feel when the odds seems to be stacked against you. Everything seems to be total opposite of the that promise, that word He gave you. And, those are the thoughts that ran through my head as I sat at the opposite end of the table from her. Melissa Medlin. A true child of God. A kingdom woman. Every reason to doubt but there she stood in all the elegance and beauty that she could muster saying I believe. I am Yours. I am here. USE ME.
Asid from the amazing and awesome taste of head scarf that she totes along, you would never guess her story if you tried. You would never know her battle with Stage Four. You would never never know her trials, her miracles, her testimony. Unless, well unless, you knew. And, there I was lucky enough to sit with a arm reach of her, feeling this amazing power that she exerted in her joy, her grace and hear her story that only she could tell. And, more than that I was lucky to say she was my Sister in Christ. I know God isn’t done with her yet!! And, only in His timing will the story conclude as He intended for it to do so. But, until then we will trust, we will feel, we will stand on a promise, we will anticipate. And, if you want something to lift your spirit I invite you to look her up. Read her story. Understand her battle. And, then like me you will be left in amazing and utter awe at exactly what God can really do when you simply open your arms, your heart, your eyes and say chose me Father


Courtsey of Photo challenge Anticipation


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