How we doing this fine January evening? I hope all is well. I feel like I ran, took a sabbatical from my writing so to speak, as of late, but the fire and the desire has been there. Truth is, as my followers, I have failed you. In the last few weeks especially these latter couple days I have been forced to re-evaluate what I was attempting to do. Why did I write? Why did I create Sweet Tea with a Slice of Faith. What was my main goal and purpose? And, my hopes is to really clear up some of the murky waters that have been swelling in my peripherals. I hope that you have time today as you sit and read this post to take the time and offer up advice, solution, insight as I attempt to delve deep and get readily candid with every single one of you.
Lets face it, we all want to be a better Christian. We all want to do something with what we have, where we have it and when. But what about when we don’t? The times when we are lacking in life and in situations is the times when we don’t put forth our best effort. Can we all agree on that one? What about taking the things we don’t have, or where we are not, or even when we can’t and maximizing them to their fullest potential; and ours? Essentially, that is where I birthed the idea of Sweet Tea from. It all started with something I didn’t have. I didn’t have the platform required or better yet, the one I desired to be a better Christian and do what God called me to do. What He required me to do. It was somewhere I wasn’t in life. It was created with this faith like attitude of not where I was but where I was going. I didn’t want to stay where was at forever but I knew that I had a goal in mind. It may take years, or it could be completed tomorrow but I knew I was going to derive it from somewhere I wasn’t. And, goshly mighty, there have been times that I can’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t but I knew that it had to be done. I know that I had to do it. Life isn’t always perfect as you want to be specially as a Christian but I had to get my story out there. I had to share. And, thus, that is why we are here at this very moment.
I think it has been an injustice to myself and my readers that I haven’t took the time to be really candid and truthful. img_6953Well, not like I should. I should have no filter cause being a Jesus chic has been one of the hardest things I have done. But, if it ain’t hard it is rarely worth fighting for and this my friends is something that I would fight to the death for. I believe in everything that Jesus has done and continues to do for me. I hope for a new tomorrow, one that was better than today. I know that I must go through strength trainings and run the obstacles but in the end that will make me a better champion. How I long to hear these famous words…..”well done my good and faithful servant”
I believe that Jesus intended for us to use whatever vehicle we climbed into to get a story of grace, mercy and forgiveness on the table. No matter what it is we should share these things with others. We have no reason to keep them in. We have no reason to keep them to ourselves because we have already lived it. Why not use those chances and opportunities to help someone change their life or the way they view faith. And, in the end we are still changing our self. A rose can only grow when it is cared for and nurtured and connected to the source. So why not share? Why not do what we as Christian are called to do. And that is witness to the loss. Get a burden for those in your family and those that have no chance of ever knowing the truth, put God into the equation and watch and see as the world will begin to change. Now, I know that a lot of people will not believe in these methods but I can swear by them as true. I know these things are proven to work because not only did they work for me but the Good Book says so and that is all the statistics and data I need.
I honestly had to look back; envision what is was like when I was out in this world. It wasnt a fun place to be even though the enemy at the time was throughly trying to convince me otherwise. What if? That is a question that I have asked myself so many times. What if God didn’t see my tears at night? What if He wasn’t in relentless pursuit of me? What if He didn’t strategically place all the people, ideas, and things in my paths at the moment He did? What if? Different, didn’t care, never happened….I am glad those are things that never crossed His mind. With that being said, don’t I owe it to the best of my ability to do it for someone who is in the same situation that I found myself drowning in. Don’t I at least need to try to do exactly what Jesus has done for me and countless others. I mean is really out of my realm of abilities to do such said things. What if I were the one by the power of God inside of me that could really change the thought process of what another is feeling. I believe that is what I was set out on this earth to do. It just took me a little longer than others or maybe not as long as some. I need God more than I needed Him yesterday; more than ever before. And, I am sure if I actually open my eyes and look with spiritual eyes that I would find there are some that are walking in the same rocky boat I was.
This hasĀ been a very difficult and very enlightening journey for me. I have seen things and done things that never in my life as a worldly child would have believed. I am in the pursuit of a lifetime and I don’t intend on stopping until I finish this race. God has assigned me a job for completion and I intend on doing everything in my power to do just that.img_6954 When I signed up to be a child of God the day that i decided I would be a warrior, an ambassador of Christ everything changed for me. I found meaning and desire in my life. My life came more about what I could do and how I could serve others and to me that is worth more than any silver and gold that life could ever prosper me with. I am here to be a joy spreader, a faith reframed, just a Jesus loving chic telling the world how I feel and sharing all this love inside of me. This has been the greatest feeling in the world and I could never imagine not sharing it with the world. Even if I have to do it from behind the keystrokes and the computer screen of my blog.
So I apologize to all that I have let down. To the ones that I could have been there for, I am sorry. I had a man who sacrificed everything for me and changed my life and I just want to know my story, my testimony and everything I can share with. Freely give because i freely received. His presence is life to me. So until next time be blessed less stressed and always take life with a good ole glass of sweet tea and a slice of faith.



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