What’s In the Bag of a Jesus Chic


I decided it was time to spring clean my bag, even though it is near thirty degrees outside and not even close to spring. And, while doing so I decided to share what is in the bag. Sometimes it is crazy cause I never know what I am going to pull out of that thing. Wondering if during Fall Cleanup it will be the kitchen sink. Never hurts to have portable clean on the go, right? So, here we go… diving into the jungle of the unknown, the labyrinth of such an such, the bag of the Jesus Chic!!

Well, here we have it. The “familial, can’t live without, no need for a gym memebership when you carry this every where” bag. This has been my trusty bag for the past year. And I say trusty because it has been dropped, kicked, threw, tripped over, fell into and even slept on and in (ode to the Duchess of Barrows) bag. I actually think it was meant to be a beach bag but it ain’t like I was going to the beach in the near future and Walmart had it going on for two dollars 💵 where could I Ever go wrong there.

First up, the most important part of my bag!! The part that I absolutely can never live without…. My King James Study Bible, pink and brown leather. This was actually the greatest gift my husband, Jeremy, could have gotten me last year. Or, even in all the years we have been together. This was his contribution to my recovery and became know as my One Year Recovery chip. It has been my lifeline, my conversation starter, my answer to all the problems and solutions. It is my real world world text messaging app to my Savior Jesus Christ

Next up,we will find in the bag of Goodies….

My New Strongs Exhaustive Concordance. This thing can get pretty heavy, but the knowledge it carries with it is is worth eversingle puled musle and smashed toe… for the times when i need be reminded what some agape love is I have it at my finger source.

Then we have the current liaison of media that I find myself in… it is “A Woman and Her God” insights from Beth Moore and other authors. It has been a great read, the we have Sarah Young’s “A Jesus Calling” and Sheila Walsh’s ” 5 Minutes with Jesus“. I always find time in my day to be sure o sit down and spend some time with these ladies cause these reads have been really great. Ya’ll should check them out sometime. You can find them at your local library if you just want to take them fo a test run. 

On through the maze of stuff we have something that I also can never be without……my pen and my paper. Have to always make sure that a million of these are on hand. And, out of the zillion and ones I have, I find it so hard to make maybe a third of them noteworthy for Sweet Tea. I may find something next year that I jotted down today and post it and that is why I love having so many. Never knowing wat I might find, or the growth that Jesus has helped me acquired through the days and weeks. 

Next, I have something that I also find so very important to carry with me at all time… TRACKS it is our door hangers from church. I always want to have these on hands when I am casually putting in the one liner heard round the world from my mouth..want to come to church with me. I had previously posted this is my goal in Life and it is what Jesus requires from us and He don’t require much so I must always be prepared. 

 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth. 

Acts 1:8

I think we are finally rounding the bend…we are coming to the bottom of the bag… It feels as if it is cut lighter now that we are reaching the bottom, but the impact things have left on me will never be empty

 We have he bottom…i think there is some peppermint wrappers in there, some nails, a three hole punch, and then the last picture… we have a water bottle, deodorant, hairbrush, bobby pins, scarf, an keys…and if you have ever been to an apostolic church you know that you can never have enough of some of these things cause you a Jesus loving, devil stompin, pew walking tongue talkin, Jesus chic and you keep the store sold out on Bobby  pins, deodorant, water and scarfs. So there you have it my Jesus chic bag… just insight on my daily grind and gym memebership. I hope until the next I’ve, you take life with a good ole glass of sweet tea with a slice of faith 


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