How do you??

After a great service and fellowship at church today, we decided to head to the park and enjoy the spring winter weather. It was still a little chilly; but an amazing day none the less. Really no complaining on this end. God chose to wake me up this morning, allow me to have another breath, food in my belly and soles on my feet. So REJOICE and be glad in it. When driving around the small town of Berea, and watching and waiting. Stop signs. Lights. Traffic, I was proposed a question. A question that at first didn’t really think much on but then I stopped, really thinking about this question. HOW DO YOU MEASURE GROWTH?? As I begun to ponder on what was proposed, I really wondered how do you? Growth? How can you really measure something from the beginning to the end; the start to the finish or even empty until it was full. HOW DO YO MEASURE GROWTH? A very probable question with many open ended answers. And, many open ended answers that could offer many solutions. Would I find an answer suitable to the question that was asked or would I be left in a wonderous state of mind. Was there such a way, and was there such a method that could define if something really had grew.

On July 14, 1868, Alvin J. Fellows of Connecticut has recieved his patent for a common tool we use today around the house, in the barn, and the garage. The Tape Measure. He had gotten the idea that was marketed through Great Britain by a hoop skirt maker who had seen a fading in the market for the once illustrious garment. Wondering how could he regenerate the use of the metal and make a market for what he had lying around the garage. Seems like growth to me. Use what is in the books, history or past to make better and ascend from. 

A destination we once where at but no longer are. Time. Travel. Life. Marriage. Degrees. Children. Sobriety clocks. GROWTH. Over the last year, I have experienced growth first hand. In the beginning, I didn’t believe that I would be able to succeed. And, I am not sure much that I have. But, I continue trying. I can for say that the person I once was considered to be I definately am no longer this day. And, by any means necessary, I give all the glory to God for all that He has brought me through, and all that He has allowed me to accomplish. But still, how you measure growth? In the ways of explanation and reason, is there honestly a concrete and suitable definition to explain growth? Is there something tangible that would say I am no longer the person I once perceived myself as. Object A is comparable to Object B by physical appeareance but in the area of internal capacity and growth, there is no definite corralation that Object B ever began as Object A. So, HOW DO YOU MEASDURE GROWTH? 

It has come to a day where they measure through machines, they check your success of children through a proficient distinguished growth model, they find these more efficient and time effective ways to say if you are the same person today that you were yesterday and predict are you going to be that person tomorrow. Is this actually possible or is this lazy man way. The way of saying I don’t have time to invest in your growth. That I don’t care about points b,c,d as long as you get from a to e. Do they really care at all. Sincerely and with all due diligence. Before, I would have said okay. But, after this past year and living it I don’t think so. So, HOW DO YOU MEASURE GROWTH? 

For me, measuring growth has been so different. It has been the steps that I took to get to the alter that February. It has been the temptuture of the water when I went down and took the precious life-saving name of Jesus. It has become the days I count up addiction free, which is currently setting over 15 months. Growth has been being able to ask for forgiveness in places that I once thought that I didn’t need to be forgiven for because I had never did anything wrong. Its all the countless nights, I have sat up in prayer and reading the Bible instead of chasing a lead on a pill or trying to find a bar to fit in at. It is the miles I am willing to travel to walk with God. All the places that i would go in the world for Him just to make sure there is someone who now knows who He is. It is not in the friends that I have lost but the family I have gained. It is not in who I used to be but who I am designed to become. So, as I sit behind a screen trying to take the lead on the next sentence or step, I realize that growth is all in th person who is measuring it. After all, is a quart of oil for the car the same as a quart of milk for the baker. By definition, yes it is the same, but by vision it is in the hand of the beholder…what has been a mountain of defeat for one may be just a victorious molehill for the next And, that is HOW I MEASURE GROWTH

I leave you with this today because I am interested in knowing you better. HOW DO YOU MEASURE GROWTH? Where do you see your success. Where do you see your mountains and molehills, your victory and defeat. Is there something that you thought you wold never do that now is just informative in your everyday action. Please let me know. And, until next time always take life with a good ole glass of sweet tea and a slice of faith. Be Blessed and less stressed.


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