The Greatest Halftime Speech

Have you ever just been down and out, needing someone to send encouragement your way. Just the words; meaningful, containing just what you needed in that moment of defeat.

Well, guess what!!! You have happened across the right post at the right time. I know exactly what it is being down, what it is like to be





And, I am here to tell you that it don’t last forever and it will come to an end.
Can you just hold on for a one moment longer.d30d5e627a846ad413bd18e74c4f111f Just stretch one more inch. I know that it is hard and probably the most unacknowledged thing that you feel like you can do right now, but I promise if you can just make it through to the end that you will know that

1.) You are not alone

2.) It is possible

Sometimes, it just take that one person and that one moment of trust to know that everything will be okay. I have a story to tell and I tell it everyday when the Good Lord says awake. For so long, I laid in a slumber.golden_slumber_by_violscraper Asleep in my pain and devastation for the things that I was living through. I never thought there was an end. I never thought that I would ever rise out of the valley and make it to the mountain top. However, guess what


Do you know how often that a team would be playing in the sports realm would be on a losing descend. They would not only be losing to the rival, but they would be losing all hope and light there would ever come a victory in all the debacle of what their current situation. I mean we are talking a 21-3 slate at halftime for Superbowl LI, in which the Patriots came back after halftime and marched on through with a 34-28 victory¹. And, what about a 24-0 chance of winning for the Philadelphia Eagles as they faced off against the Washington Redskins in 1946¹. They took that game and turned it around to a 28-24 triumph after halftime. wireap_e9d0661c52764775bc36e238e7e15ff0

Isn’t that how life feels sometimes. 

You feel as if there is no chance. No way. No how.

Well, I can attest to the fact that there is more. There is something more out there. There is a perfect halftime speech waiting on you. And, before you know it you will be the one that is giving this “up-to-do, getting it done. one way to encouragement” speech. I know this because it happened to me.

I had given up all hope. I had no thought of ever going on and I was going to end it. There was nothing but shadows and defeat in the game. And, this game was not only a game it was my life. I was playing so hard looking for the solution and looking for the answer, that seemed to be right in front of me the whole time. Was I blind? How could I have missed it. I had a husband who was willing to go to the end for me, but I left him lying there in tears. I had a best friend who was committed to seeing the best me, but I left her playing in the park by herself. And, I left a God who was bigger than all of that is my closed and dusty bible under my bed. And, I failed myself before I had even began. A story that needed to be told but I didn’t want to have any authorship in the matter. I was too ashamed. I was terrified, and I was laying in a pile of self-doubt and loathing pity. What was I to do?

Listen! Listen!Listen! that is what I was to do. I had this calming voice in my ear saying this is not the end of your story. This is not the bottom of the barrel. This is not your defeat, you just got to get up. Slowly, that is where I began to lift my head up and never will I forget the moment that I felt freedom and liberty.positive-words-colour1 Something that Jesus had been trying to get through to me, but I spent so much time running and falling that I could just never pay attention to what He had to say. And, I vowed that one day I would tell my story that I would reach out to someone who needed me, like I had needed someone in that day. Someone who would know exactly what I was going through. Someone I could trust. Putting it SIMPLY, SOMEONE who would just LISTEN. Now, it hasn’t been easy for me. To tell my story, and to share some of the most heartbreaking details of my life. Far from easy. But anything that comes easy isn’t worth it in the end. It is in the struggle and the valley that you learn the most. And, sometimes, I feel as often as I have visited those valleys I should be a champion to excel in these things. But, I know that without God beside me that this would have never been possible.

God stepped in for me on that cold September day and said Come as You are and it was up to me to listen. I didn’t have to be perfect. And, I didn’t have to be all put together because that was His job. He was going to work through me and turn everything around for me. He was going to take this mess that I had made by self medicating and running away; He was going to take and turn it around and make a messenger out of me.

And, there I stood against all odds. 

It seems that when you are in the position such as this that it would be easier to run as to fight. But, this day I knew that I had a lion on my side. But, not just any lion. I had the Lion of the Tribe of Judah standing before me helping me through this and in that moment                          HOW COULD I EVER UTTER THE WORDS DEFEAT FROM MY LIPS?

Daniel never gave up as he was about to face the mouth of the lion. David didn’t back down from the over-sized Palestine. Joseph never backtracked from the pit that day. Job would never conceded to satan nor did he agree to curse God. And well, Crystall (that’s me) will never hold in the battles that I am going to face through the wiles of addiction, or in the conditions I will go through as I stand in the face of adversity. I have the same hope for you as well. I believe in you even if you can’t believe in yourself. I hold hope that no matter how down you are in this moment, that tomorrow is a much different day.

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Mostly gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore, I take pleasure in infirmities, n reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong

2 Corinthians 12:9,10

And, that is how I can positively, without a doubt hold on and say tomorrow is a much different day. Are you ready for that day? Are you ready for your story to mean something, instead of always being considered a statistic. Someone who will never amount to nothing more than what you are (or at least that is what the world wants you to believe). But, somewhere down deep you are craving more than what the world says you will be. You want meaning. You want it to be definite in your future. Then just look up and lift them eyes.

“Prove I ain’t got the conviction of what I do. I do what I do because I do what I do. Because I am built from something and man didn’t create it.”

~Ray Lewis

*speech to the Miami Hurricanes²

“Great moments are born from great opportunity….if you play them ten times they may win nine but not this one.”

~Herb Brooks



~Bill Stewart

*West Virginia Coach²


I vowed on that day when I knew that God gave me a story to tell, a story to heal that it one day would be the greatest halftime speech every heard. It may still have some tinkering needing done but I will never give up and I will never back down.
God gave me a job to do and I am going to do. Even if all the odds are stacked against. Even if the enemy says there is no chance. I have God and experience on my side and that is all I will ever need. If you feel like this is your time. Your time to tell your story, or you need help getting to that point just send me a message and I will gladly help you through your tough times I will pray for you I will do whatever it takes to get you on the road to your biggest Superbowl victory that you could ever anticipated.

Until next time, always take life with a good ole glass of sweet tea and a slice of faith


¹Greatest Comebacks in NFL History

²What are the best locker room speeches of all time?

Courtesy of : Against the Odds


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