The Wagons Are Coming

Cleaning out the closet. Straightening up the pages. You never know what you will find. Was that last weeks happy meal box, or is that the dress that I wore to my high school prom fourteen years ago.

not really my dress, but felt like it

Geez Louise what was I thinking keeping all these things. I think that it is about time that I start to let go off some of this extra baggage: I mean it isn’t like I can take it to my kingdom anyways. And besides the thought that the moths aren’t paying their half of the rent anyways. No!! Not all!! They are totally ripping me off (literally).


In all seriousness, I am not that bad. I don’t hoard in such a way as that. Who knows where that old fluffy purple dress from ” A Night Under the Stars” is anyways. I don’t think that I want to know. But, I was cleaning out my prayer journal closet today as to see what the last year has held with prayers, and sermons, notes, and such. That is when I came across it. Almost a year ago, I was privy to this great message by my Pastor at NLC entitled “The Wagons Are Coming”.are-we-circling-the-wagons-650-11192015  It was an amazing message, and the moment that I reread all the notes that I had taken on that night it took me straight back to that day. THE WAGONS ARE COMING. THE WAGONS ARE COMING. THE WAGONS ARE COMING.

No, he wasn’t referring to the little red wagon found in multitudes of backyards across the nation. He was referring to the faithfulness of Our King and His promises as we would watch them pour in by the wagon loads. They would be lined out for miles and fuller than we, in our human minds, could ever realize. As I sit there, reading these notes, I began to realize man he was so accurate with this statement. I don’t think ever in my life have I ever seen come to fruition the things that I have seen over the past year. Or, maybe I have and just never paid attention. But, honestly it alluded me and I began to ponder at all the things that had changed for me this past year. Both for myself, and my brethren. We have seen somethings and I don’t think that word even begin to describes them. I think that Foghorn Leghorn would be left with the words “Boy, I say Boy”.i-almost-hadda-gag-son

I don’t think I could even begin to describe in one blog post what all has been the atmosphere. But, I know what he said what to the utmost truth of the truth. Not just because I know or because I said; but, because I SAW.  I LIVED. I BELIEVED.
faith I have been blessed enough to see ones delivered, I have seen miracles of healings, I have seen families brought together that the enemy tried to tear apart, I have seen names be laid on an altar and urgency of prayer and those exact names can be found in the church on this day. I have seen families healed after the loss of a loved ones. I have seen numerous ones be baptized in Jesus names, and receive the Holy Ghost. And, my friends, if you don’t call those blessings and a circle of wagons coming then I don’t know what you are searching for. People are out here searching for prosperity and function; and then, I am looking at them like it is at the tip of your nose and it is there when you are ready to believe. I found my treasure map in the Bible and I know that place where my kingdom resides. But, I don’t have to wait until then because I have a Papa that is so good to me that I don’t have to wait until that day. All along the way, as I walk He deposits little treasures for me to find. Whether it be an answer to a prayer, or a miracle I will always see my God at work in the little things while I wait on those big things.

At the end of the sermon, Pastor challenged us to get up every morning, and look down the road and know that the wagon are coming. I stand confident, that they are still moving in. They are still travelling down that road. And, they are so abundantly overflowing with treasure that it will be indescribable. Are you confident? I need prayers answered. I need loved ones to come to church. I got a pastor in need of a healing. I have a church that I want to see in overflow. And, in Jesus name I know that one day these better things are coming and I know they are there for us to take in. Hallelujah!!!!!hallelujah

But, until next have a blessed day. And, always take life with a good ole glass of sweet tea and a slice of faith.




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