Letter to my Assailant

you thought you had me right where you wanted me. you thought you had me in the choke hold of the century. one where i would not endure, where i would not survive. one in which i would just tap out and move onto the next life.i-was-assaulted-on-the-street-but-i-still-walk-home-alone-at-night-408-1428519902

But, I am slowly learning to whisper:   YOU ARE WRONG. YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME.

you see, my dearest assailant, you sat out to steal my life from me. Shadowy figure with a knife behind glass,soft focuswhether if it where by taking my purity from me even though you where someone i trusted. or rousing me to stay quite about the things that i knew where wrong.armyshadow you had me right where you wanted me. and no telling how many others.

Behold, today I will continue to take a stand and slowly learn to whisper:YOU ARE WRONG. YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME.

you stole most of my childhood away from me. however, you would not steal no more from me. it has taken me a while to get to this point. a lot of dark alley’s a89a3d41e209494158755ca84b6c9042and midnight cries that my atmosphere has absorbed because of this pain; but, i will no longer give power to the assault or the nightmare that i have lived for so long. what you did was only temporary to me. 3c555e5cdd88c89220388714635227b8what you did would never last. what you did would never happen again.

Behold, today I will continue to walk and slowly I begin to learn the whisper:YOU ARE WRONG. YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME.

non forgiveness has taken over my life. it has ate at me and it has wretched my inside. it has led me to some places in this adventure that lacked a desirous outcomes. ones i never would even fathom describing. maxresdefault1i would say that it led me to rebellion, to addiction, to hatred, to agony but i won’t even give it that much power. see when i came to my LORD SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST  and i mean i really came to him. i want to have a relationship with Him just not a religion; behold, that is when i learnt more than you can ever know.6b2403f4bd3af11653d015b4118f0d19 i learnt what true love was. i learned what true sacrifice was and i learned exactly what you where. you where a ploy in the game of the enemy. you where never nothing more than that. he was just using you in this game to take me down that is all it ever was. nothing more nothing less. but that is okay. i forgive you. i forgive for the things that have came out of my life in result to what you have done. or rather didn’t do. you should have took my last breath. you and the enemy. cause the truth is i would come back swinging and fighting. with everything in me. everything that i had. cause i got the Teacher of all teachers, i got the Leaders of all leaders anddaughters-of-the-king-fb I AM A DAUGHTER OF A KING. that is something that you can not, will not, nor are capable of taking away from me.

behold, today I stopped whispering and i starting shouting: YOU ARE WRONG. YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME.



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