Conversation with The King

And her husband went with her along weeping behind her to Bahurim. Then said Abner unto him, Go, return. And he returned.

2 Samuel 3:16


As I began to read this morning and pursue the word of God, I feel as if God wanted to show me something.1 As He wanted to speak directly to me. I was basically having a self-made pity party. Because we know what the smallest party in the world is. A lot of times as it goes for me it took me all day for  my light bulb to go off. However when it did, I swear I could have lit up the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building; and probably, the Sydney Opera House. All three combined…together!! Off my one little light bulb: man1 that is like 316 watts!! Amazing. And beautiful, is such the thing when God generates a conversation with us! His Children, His Followers!!

However, I began to read. A verse here, a verse there. Translation copy or two. Pulled out the Strong’s concordance. Now I intimately understand why it is called the Strong’s, I mean have you honestly tried to lug that thing around lately. It is huger than any book I know but the information is priceless.1 As I would soon discover. I even scribbled over the dry erase board. But, nothing was clicking together or joining as I felt that it should. Why could I just not make sense of the words and conversation that was laid right in front of me. I began to perceive that I was getting frustrated and aggravated so I placed it to the side. I left my erase board all 1savaged up and in front of my view of the day hoping that through out the day it would trigger something. Nah, nothing until now. Only as I tried to sit down in my comfy chair and read a book, did I begin to see that I could not keep my eyes off of it. Nor could I keep my thoughts from it. And, that is when my mind began to roll with all these things. I suppose I had finally decided to be quite enough so that God could talk to me. And that was the moment that I knew I was about to cut down a tree or two. #versemapclub #biblestudy #BLESSED

And her husband went with her along weeping behind her to Bahurim. Then said Abner unto him, Go, return. And he returned.

2 Samuel 3:16

And her husband? who was her husband? And her? Who was she? Why was he weeping? and why did Abner make him leave and what was the importance of Abner>>>>QUESTIONS? QUESTIONS? QUESTIONS? So, I was on a treasure hunt.1 A Real life Treasure hunt and I just had to learn to read the road map that God designed before me. Pay Attention Crystall Pay Attention!!!!!!! Focus!!!!! Now, if you will bear with me and go along my journey I would like to tel you what this verse in the second book of Samuel1 has revealed to me in my daily pursuit of God’s word.

Back to the basic questions I had formatted in the beginning. Who was her, her husband dadadada……. The “her” here was Michal which we would learn from verse 3″13-15 which seemed to climax at sixteen. Michal was David’s wife that he “received” back in 1 Samuel 18 where Saul (who was king) had gave David a proposal. Give me 100 hundred foreskins of the Philistines and Ill give you my daughter. Whom which was Michal. Saul thought that it was a win/ win obviously. They would slay David and he would keep Michal, his precious daughter!! Right? Wrong again my dear king. Did you fail history in high school. MVP at Israel University must not have registered with you. Don’t you know that David killed Goliath himself, imagine what he could do with an army. Anywho….David won, Saul lost, Michal married. But, if David was her husband, then why was David sending after her in the first place? And, who was the other husband? Phalitiel. He was only listed two whole times in the Bible. But, he had to have been important to be listed here, in this moment. God just doesn’t place things in there just to take up room to write. I don’t think He would have that problem. So there must have been a reason for it.1

He went along with her and he weeped behind her and he returned. Pretty simple man I would impose. I actually kind of feel sorry for him.  He was married to this chic who was married to the king and he was crying behind her as she left to go there. 1       And they said nope this is as far as you go. Return to where you come from. And, besides that he weeped. I am a sucker for a guy who is simple and in touch with his emotions so I was sold.


That, however, was just the beginning of a journey that this verse led me. It was what came next, as I began to examine the verse and the works singularly through the Strong’s and1 puzzling them together did they seem to make sense to me. And, relate to my journey as a child of God. Was I ready to unlock this concept. Read on to find out….

As I had said, Phaltiel must have been a small  person not only to have been located twice in the Bible but to be made to turn around and return from having his wife took to another man. I would have fought, kicked, and screamed and sure would not have lost if I were in his sandals. And, I am pretty sure that those would not have been weeping tears. But, it was his name where I found his significance. Not his journey, his Maury entrance and exit. Or, his quality of bible verse. Behold, it was his name. And the context of the other names with it. I will begin with Phaltiel and the primary root of the root of the word for his name which is pâlat, which is to slip out, to escape. What would he need to escape from. A bad marriage. A lonesome heritage. Unpopularity. The place where he was from was Galim, 1which we learn from 1 Samuel 25:44, was a small town just north of Jerusalem. Not known for this man but maybe for the birthplace of Jeremiah the prophet. But, I come to learn that it means to wallow or to trust. For the sake of the argument we will go with the first “to wallow”. They was living in a desperate pity party place much like I was this morning.

Behold, Abner would come to retrieve Michal and Phaltiel; and they would have to travel to Bahurim. For the issue of time and to save a tree or two, I will give you what I discovered these words to mean as well. Abner was the Father of light, Michal was prevail, endurance and Bahurim was a choice redemption. And, earlier I used the primary root of the root of the word for Phaltiel. the first meaning attached to his name was deliverance of God and he was the son of Laish or a sense of crushing, or kneading.

So, more times than not God comes along and takes an unimportant, unpopular limited location person such as maybe you or me…definitely me!!!! And, becomes our deliverer, and even though our heritage or genealogy, our prior history is a place of devastation trials and troublesome blows. The Father of Light comes up to get us and tell us to walk with endurance and to prevail as we walk toward the King.1 And when we get to our place of redemption, our choice we may have to let go and go back but never alone anymore. For God is with us. And, it is in that destination that we will no longer wallow but we will trust. And the weeping that is easy because it says in Psalms 30:5, weeping may last for a night but joy cometh in the morning. Hallelujah.1

Thank you taking this journey with me as I broke down my study of the verse. It was amazing thing to for God to show me these things and I just had to share them with you. Because what good is treasure, love, or knowledge if we don’t share it. Until next time, be blessed less stressed and always take life with a good ole glass of sweet tea and slice of faith.

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