A conversation with the King

So, how ya’ll been doing. It has been a quite a long and tedious few weeks; painful to say the least. I fell at work back in the latter end of April, injuring my shoulder and have been off work since the first week of May. I have had to find stuff to fill my time and space to keep me from reluctantly going into a bought of “cabin fever” So, I went out the other day to the local Lifeway Store in order to search for my son a promotion gift for his entrance in 6th grade. I came across one of those Adult Coloring Books 2and have been using that to occupy my time. I have to say that it works. It has helped me from going a crazy……somewhat…..

But, yesterday I began coloring a different one and it got me thinking about a post and some thoughts got rolling in my brain and I wanted to share them with you….

The Beauty we become through the touch of a Living God

The beauty we become through the touch of a living God…. I remember the person that I was before God picked me up off that floor back 18 months ago. The person I was at that moment or the ones that led up to me getting there was not that beautiful. It was scary and quite ugly to think about it. But, BEHOLD, when He touched me, oh when He touched me….. those things once that where so ugly now had became beautiful; the monstrous into a subject of craftsmanship, and as I had been searching all over I still hadn’t been able to find nobody. But, once again, BEHOLD…… HE FOUND ME AND HE TOUCHED ME……

And, it was thinking about that touch. Calling into remembrance the things 3that He had done for me and coloring in my book that I began to think about the peacock. If you are ever lucky to travel the back roads of Kentucky as a get to see this bird, you will be amazed. But, not so much at night. It is in the morning when the sun starts to come up and the dew glistens on the fresh spring grass and the wild dog wood trees do you begin to see that old bird climbs up on the rightful post. and, is there that she begins to call out unto her God, “Father, see me” See this beautiful coat of many colors on me. The one that you painted on my soul. The one that You grew from the inside of my inner parts. O, Father allow me to spread my wings to worship You as my colors of joy illuminate the backdrop of Your majesty. Father, allow me do this for You, to show me my great-fullness of the things that You have brought into my life. Allow me to ask for Your guidance, especially on the ones like this day. The days where everything seems a little cluttered. But, allow me in this moment to  take a deep breath raise my hands and worship you. Allow me to open myself up to You.3

I know You know me Father. And, I know You are able Father, but allow me to take this moment and praise you Father for setting me free. I know I didn’t always have these colors. And, it took some time to get them there but allow me Father to spread my arms open wide and worship You for who You are and what You mean to me. How you took someone so low and dirty as me and wash me in that water and cover me in Your blood and give me this beautiful coat. You have mended my brokenness as you pick up the addict in me, the abuser, the hurt, the outsider, the outcast, the drunkard… You mended my brokenness and made this my new life. For those of us that Loved the Lord and where called according to Your purpose. I am Redeemed. 3I have received. Let me reach my hand to Heaven on high and worship You Jesus. Thank You for showing me through Your mercy and grace how to begin to really live my life. You have taken all that confusion away. All the influence and You have made me much stronger…. when I look back at what all You have brought me through, I could have never made it without you. Hallelujah Jesus…. You are my Jehovah Jirah, you are my Jehovah Nissi, my Jehovah Shalom…..

I could have never made it without You. I would have just fell flat on my face and my colors would not shine through this day. O, Father…..You are the Great I AM…. the Light and the Way….I was there and You pulled me up…..no one can take this from so it is in this moment that I spread my hands out and worship you My King, Pappa

And, as you can tell through out the remainder of this post it became less about the peacock and more about the version of me that God has allowed me to grow into. I will never be able to thank Him enough that He descended down from His throne and picked up someone such as myself.

What is your Testimony?????

What has He done for you???

Can you imagine standing before the King??

courtesy of Descend


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Gail says:

    I love the name of your blog!!! And the colors in the peacock photo are so beautiful and vivid! Lifeway stores are my favorite! I can easily spend hours browsing in them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. chryssed says:

      thank you so much….it has been a really big help to me and when i moved back home it was a blessing knowing that we now had a Lifeway store…Praise the Lord…there can’t be enough positive in the world of today

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gail says:

        That’s the truth!


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