Dear Girl

*****Lately, I have been posting blogs entitled “Conversation with The King“. It seems as if there have been more and more of them lately. Or, maybe I am just finally paying attention to what He has to say to me. I don’t know why I never listened before because I love my Pappa more than anything. He is a God who saves, and a Jesus Who Lives. But, this is another conversation with Him that I had a couple weeks backs, and I decided to take it in the form of a letter to the person that was put on my mind to pray for. Bear with me, for I am adrift in my thoughts. And, this is in part new to me. A new season, a new use of the gift He gave me because this is His glory and His glory alone. And, Father I ask that You be with me, that You give me the right words to say. Make it flow and gather together so that one day when the person this is about may see this, they shall know that it is them and know that somewhere, someone was praying for them. In Your name, Jesus I pray…..*****

Dear Girl ( I will leave you anonymous but I believe that you know who you are),

God has placed you on my mind today. It is Sunday, and the sun is shining bright through the blinds at the church house. The people are coming and going, greeting and retracting over the events of the formal week. And, here I sit; thinking about you. Why did God choose me to pray for you. I haven’t really thought about you since probaly high school when we used to roam the halls now we are nothing more than alumni. It has been quite a few years since then. Almost fifteen to be exact. But, here I sit and can’t get you off my mind.

I don’t know why God chose me, and I may not need to understand but I know that He knows what He is doing. If you haven’t began to know by now, I hope that You know and understand that God is a good God, all the time. A lot has time has passed since the time we last spoke. So, with that being said, I know that A LOT has changed. We have experience motherhood, marriage, heartbreak, trial and triumph and hope that you have experienced a lot of good things in life. A lot of things that has led to your growth throughout the years. I remember the days that you used to live on old Walker Parke Road down next to my uncle. I used to have to this big crush on your little brother and never could understand why you was named after such a great baseball player. It was in fact that your name led me to the love of this particular person. But, that is way back when baseball was good and we were innocent, somewhat I supposed. Time took us a lot of places and criss crossed our paths many times like those days. Or, the days when the tattoo man used to work with my mom and dad and that same man was your mom’s boyfriend at the time. But, those time didn’t add up as much as when God put your name to my mind on this day.

He knew what He was doing that I am sure. I would never second guess my King. But, it made me think what are you going through? What do you need that He would search out someone who would pay attention to your needs. What are you searching for? Is He already working on your heart? But, those things are not for me to know; my job, my privilege is that God has trusted me to pray for you this day.

I pray that you  protect your interest.1 I know that you have to have a beautiful child by now because you where a beautiful soul. Inside out. You were always so nice. For awhile. I know we have a rocky past where time slipped in between us for that short time back in elementary and middle school you were a great friend to have. I pray that you have gave your daughter those same values and ethics you once had. I say once because I don’t know now. I pray that you protect your family because you often don’t know what is going to come and under sway our youth this day and those are the things that will protect their innocence.

1I pray that You can find your way to a way of truth. That you can find a place where the Gospel is real and the faith is true. I pray that God makes away for you to be in obedience to the one true God and then He will show a life you have never known. And, when the road is hard and you don’t feel like singing, I pray that God leads your heart so that You will sing anyways. No matter what comes your way know Who hold tomorrow and who can erase your yesterdays. I know that the storms will be hard, and tiresome but you dance and sing anyways. And, God will lead you right out of this storm anyways.1

I know this may seem crazy to you and in fact it does sound a little crazy to me. But, no that someone will always be there praying for you even if it is just little ole me. I pray that you can find your way through whatever you are battling and know that you are not alone. have a blessed day.












courtesy of Adrift

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