The Things we Never thought We Learnt

Hi Ya’ll, how ya been?????? Hope that all is well this beautiful spring almost summer day out there. I am still of work so it is giving me a little time to catch up on my studies and my writing. Admitting, not as much as I would prefer but momma always said beggars can’t be choosers!! So, it is what it is. I guess if they do surgery, I will have even more time. So, I decided to come out today to the local library and put some thoughts into words that I had scrambling around in my upstairs attic a.k.a the brain and just enjoy this blessed day with you guys. So, here we go and hope you enjoy. And, as always, take a moment and give me your thoughts and reactions cause I could always use critiques to grow my writing. Ya’ll be blessed now, ya hear.


I was driving on my way to the library today, and I got behind this little Geo Metro

not the one but it sums up the point of it all

car and thought man, I haven’t seen one of these in quite awhile…in fact, ten years at least. But, upon further inspection, I began to examine its bumpers stickers and window graphics. And, there slightly engraved side ways down the windows was the recognizable statement:


And, slowly as I sat behind this little bitty car, I couldn’t help but trace back to my childhood as I thought about the first time that I laid my hands on the book. I remember it clearly, almost yesterday!! That book carried on throughout my schooldays into my adult years. When I would catch myself unable to do something or the thought that I couldn’t I would race back to the moment with the train. There is no mountain that I could not get up and there is not a job that I couldn’t do. But, today I caught myself looking at it just a little different.

1“The Engine that Could” will be 87 years old this year¹, and still it has that outshining effect on all kids and adults who have read it. Because I know it sure did me. I mean who could never use a little uplifting and a little pushing when they thought that they would not. And, how many times do we often get caught up doing the things that others don’t. So, this story isn’t a just a tale, it is an iconic legend that can reach from generation until generation. If you have never read the story, or need a refreshing on this beautiful story, you can catch it here. And, there is so much more to the story and how it relates. It means more to me now, I honestly believe, that it ever did as a child. I think that I have more of appreciation for than ever before. I can honestly also say that if it where not for the book and a very real and present help in my Living King that I would never be able to climb these mountains that are before me stating over and over back and forth back and forth….


I think I can!! If there was every a power play on words, or strength in the words that you begin to speak when you find yourself in a stupor, I do honest-to-goodness believe that these would be them. These words have reached thousands and thousands of children through the years of its existence and in fact was listed in 2007 as number 38 on the “Teachers’ Top 100 Books for Children”.[2] 1 

Did it really teach?? I place confidence in that, because the world need a little bit of hope. Is there a deeper lesson in there? There is a lesson in everything if you choose to see it. Can you still use this valuable lesson in the world of today? You might as well take is as a fact that even a children’s book can get through to some of us today. Some people’s minds can only wrap around the thoughts in these books. And, there is nothing wrong with that. Is there still a trace of the little engine somewhere deep inside of each of us? I have no doubt in it. I believe there is some good in each of us all, and I believe there is the thought that we can’t each doing something and somewhere down deep we have the will and desire to search out those things and keep pushing ourselves up the mountain and when we come to the top there it is. That one amazing thought. That one thing that we thought we could not do but something deep inside kept saying press on and you are able to breathe and all the way down, you are able to relax and Say I THOUGHT I COULD I THOUGHT I COULD.

It doesn’t matter what you are facing today. I believe that you can do it all. We may not be able to do it alone, but you can do it. This I know as a fact. And, I am a walking, talking testimony of that fact. Once Jesus was able to get down into me and reveal to me the things that He needed me to see. Once He was able to get into my bones the verses such as

Philippians 4:13 1

Ephesians 6:10-12 1


Luke 1:371


Once He was able to get down and get into this thinking that I had so damaged my mind, my heart. My rationalizations that I believed to be true. Ones in which I would never amount to anything. I can’t do anything, I would never be successful at anything…. once He was able to get through to me, Man O Man how did I feel like that little engine. How I felt that I had gusto about things now and I knew that it was God who got down deep inside of me and begin to whisper these words to me and told me to silently repeat them back unto myself….


and when you feel confidence in them. When you believe that you have caught the grasp of them. When you feel like you was ready, that is when He told me you scream, you scream as loud as you can…. you never cease to ever be quite about the things that I have taught you. You don’t keep quite about your testimony. You don’t keep silent the greatness of your God. You let it all out and you don’t hold back. I had a really big Jericho in front of me. I had all emotional turmoil in my way, all this heavy baggage, and He told me to walk around it as I carried His presence but when He said shout I was to shout and all that would come tumbling down. Nothing would be left for to hold me back. All that would remain would be the hope that He left inside of me and the things that He needed me to take with me. 1And all it took was a shout of victory, a shout of something so simple that I could understand it when I was a child by reading a book about a train. All I had to do was shout


and slowly I would realize that it would become



courtesy of Trace

¹ In ‘Little Engine That Could,’ Some See An Early Feminist Hero



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