She would stare blankly into the picture day after day time after time. She would often get lost in the stories of old because they had become memories of gold. 

Time and time again she would be lost in the world, on her way to the end. All she needed was time, all she needed was a friend. 

It had been hard for her since day one from the start. She didn’t know what she would do since the first day they did part. She felt Like she had lost her mind seeing she had no where to turn. No one would see the loneliness in her eyes no one would show concern. 

So she weighs in, does her normal routine, picks up the picture and exit to a world full of love, full of beauty, full of allure. 

It captured a moment in time. A place she always felt safe. A scene on the front porch. What to her always seem like  heavens gate. She remembered as a child she would run hard as she could, after all it was Mammaw and Pappah and she could just smell the delicious food. 

Their home never changed, no matter how often life rearranged. If it was dark,there she could find light. And cold,  she could always stay warm. There was never a dull moment in this house of old but now it had become merely a memories of gold. 

The love ran deep. The lessons flowed wide. What would she do when there was an end to the ride. Loneliness crept in. Sadness fell from her eyes, from the very first day that her youth seemed to die. They left her alone in this world, and the hurt ran deep. 

But, she knew they were on their way to their heavenly keep. They spent years building up a storehouse beyond the earth to see and now she had to live on the moment of a picture in which her life was the emcee. What if they tell a tale, what if would begin to speak. Love. Marriage. Family. God. Happiness. Trust. Truth. Affection. Brightness. Joy. Everywhere stories of old become memories of gold. 


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