Hey yall just sit down with my nightly glass of sweet tea and wanted to finally share a little bit about myself. I am pretty simple yet complex person. I often wear my heart on my sleeve. My greatest gift has been my failing demise. I often trust to much and love to often. But, the one thing about me you will learn, is I love God and all that he has done for me. I am not agreaid to share my faith or my testimony with anyone because i have in fact kept it secret for way to long for fear of rejection or the possibility of hate. But, i have come to realize it is a part of me and who i am. I am a domestic abuse survivor. I am a recovering addict. I am happily married wife. I am mother of the most amazing children. I am a distant daughter. A lover of few and hater of none. I hope to one day to inspire someone to bettter their life and even if that i just one person well then my life was well lived. I hope to get to know and understand a lot of you out there. Keeping my joy and gaining knowledge and understanding along the way. This is me in a nutshell. If you want to know more read my blog or just ask. It is an open close case. Until the next tim make sure that you take life with a glass of sweet tea and a slice of faith. Mwah much love chrysse d