Hey Ya’ll…it’s Me…DOK

Hey Ya’ll, I just sat down with my nightly glass of sweet tea and wanted to finally share a little bit about myself. I guess I probably had before but really didn’t know what I was sharing. I am a wife. I am a mom. And, am pretty complex person unless you take the time to know me. Then I am simple. Easy Peasy. I often wear my heart on my sleeve. My greatest gift has been my weakest link. I often trust to much and love to often. However, you could never convince me that you love to much. The one thing about me you will learn, is I love God. From the time I was little sitting on the pews of the little pentacostal church on K Street in Richmond, Kentucky until where I am now, I still loce Jesus and all that He has done for me. I am not afraid to share my faith or my testimony with anyone. In fact, thise two things are what keeping the veins and blood running through my soul. I had, in fact, kept it secret for way to long for fear of rejection or the possibility of hate. Soon realizing, that even without it or with it I would face rhese thibgs. So why not? I have come to realize it is a part of me, and who I am. Someone once said our true identity come when we srop being who we are and start being who we were created to be. So, I am a domestic abuse survivor. I am a recovering addict. I am happily married wife. I am mother of the most amazing children. I am a distant daughter. A lover of few and hater of none. I hope to one day to inspire someone to bettter their life and even if that is just one person, well then my life was well lived. 

I pray to get to know and understand a lot of you out there. I hope that somehow we can connect on a level beyond the understanding of this world. Keeping my joy; gaining knowledge and understanding along the way. This is me. This is Crystall in a nutshell. 

If you want to know more, read my blog or even just ask. Head on over to the Fall photo shoot collection to see who you are reading from or even Sanctuary in the Battle to begin the scratxh of the surface in my life. It is an open close case and I am not afraid to share with you the pain of my past or the hope of my future. But, until the next time, make sure that you take life with a good ole glass of sweet tea and a slice of faith. 

Mwah much love

 DOK (Daughter Of the King)