i remain here.  confused. distant. lonely.                                                    overwhelmed. exhausted. struggling. SEPARATE!!! i just can’t seem to connect. unable to adjoin what is going on. i want to bear strong for J….


and here i sit with tears in my eyes wondering if just one person will look beyond the mistakes, stop proofreading my work, and just listen to my voice.

A broken wing??

We need to not only learn to share our joys and our success, but we need to learn to share our pains and our hurts. We need to learn that we can reach out and ask for help.

What You Can’t Buy at Wal-Mart

Today, I decided to adventure out of the house and take a run (not literally, I might add) to the store. Not my most greatest adventure; but after a weekend of non stop rain and well rain, I decided that I wanted to get out. Plus, my pantry was looking just a little on the…

My Top Ten …..

Music has been such a saving grace in my life. From the time I was small until now, I have seemed to always let music do my talking and my conversating for me. It always seems to say best what I can’t find the words to say at all. So for today’s freestyle friday, I…

The Blessing I Received From What I Didn’t Want

Hey ya’ll!! How is your day going?? I hope that it is going great and blessed beyond measure. I know that mine is. I have been going through some tough stuff this week. It has kind of did a damper on things but yet put a fire under things for me. I kind of touched…


She would stare blankly into the picture day after day time after time. She would often get lost in the stories of old because they had become memories of gold.  Time and time again she would be lost in the world, on her way to the end. All she needed was time, all she needed…


Rise. Shine. Glow.  Today begins anew. Today is fresh. Lets us arise and begin again 

I came in like a…WHAAAAAAA

So, I am running a little behind on my first of the year post…. Well, considering it being that today is January 18, I may possibly be running a whole lot behind. However, even the snail remains productive through the slowness of its slide. In fact, the snail owns that slide. So I suspect I…

What is Your View 

Something seems to be amiss! Irrelevancy has taken place in our homes, our church’s, our lifestyles. We say we want more! We say that we need more! We claim we want a revival! We cry for transformation; desperate for change, challenged for a reprieve. But, Are We???? Really? Are we really ( truly and honestly)…